Reports with in-depth analysis
of the European gas markets

We are experts in the analysis of the evolution of the gas market. Benefit from our knowledge and market expertise. Our reports provide you the background you need in the gas business.

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Daily Market Report
Get a compact and clearly-arranged report on the major events and key drivers of the last trading day. Get everything what you need in one source. Market Comment and prices, forecasts, fundamentals as charts and data.
Daily Comments
Multi-language based daily comments highlighting the key drivers of the last trading day. We offer short market briefings, profound evaluations and weekly summaries of the European gas markets.
Medium Term Reports
What are the key bullish and bearish drivers impacting the forward market? Should you rather go long or short in your gas portfolio? Find answers and recommendations for your gas portfolio in our Medium Term Report.

ganexo is a highly professional service provider for gas market analysis solutions and consultancy. Rooted in Berlin and focused on the European market.

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