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The ganexo Gas Market Report, which is published every trading day, is the convenient all-in-one solution for all energy companies to obtain all relevant market information on the gas market from a single source.

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Complete solution
Gas prices and forecasts. Trading daily market comment. Information and analyses on gas supply and demand. Spot prices, forward prices and Price Forward Curves (PFC). Complete content for your professional decisions
Price histories and analysis
We provide a comprehensive price history for all price data, closing and settlement prices. Five-year comparisons and analyses for all components of the gas supply and the gas demand.
The Gas price forecasts provide statistical indicators and standard deviations to improve the management of price volatilities. We provide spot risk profiles, which allow the calculation of the value-at-risk of you gas portfolio. Forecasts are rounded up with our gas storage predictions.
Fair, competent and reliable
You can sign up for a company license at a fairly calculated price. Benefit from expert knowledge and competent market assessments. We are your reliable partner in the gas market.

ganexo Gas Market Report provides:

Market Prices

Spot and Forward Gas Prices


Gas flows, capacities, outages. Actuals and long-term analysis of transparency data

Price Forward Curves

Price Forward Curves (PFC) on a trading daily base or intraday


Prices, imports, vessel statistics and estimated arrivals, Actuals and long-term analysis of transparency data

Price forecasts

Value-at-Risk, Spot-Risk-Profiles. Price forecast: Short-term forecast, medium-term forecast

Gas storage

Injections, Withdrawals, capacities, storage forecasts. Actuals and long-term analysis of transparency data

Market comment and gas market insights
Gas production

European domestic gas production. Actuals and long-term analysis of transparency data

Gas supply and gas demand

Detailed Acutals, Long-term analysis and statistics

Weather, wind and solar power production

Observations and forecasts

Other services


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