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ganexo provides reliable market data, price data and Price Forward Curves as API service or Excel-datafeed. Accurate and reliable data is essential for your operational business.

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Price Forward Curves
Price Forward Curves PFC (Intraday and Closings) for the evaluation of your gas purchasing and load profile analysis. Acutal, historic and forecast gas prices. Arbitrage-free for your portfolio valuation.
Price data and forecasts
Broad coverage of European Spot markets and Forward markets. Long-term price history. Forecast for value-at-risk calculation.
All European gas fundamentals in one single API: Gas supply (pipelines, LNG, gas production), Gas storage, Gas demand. Proofed and enhanced transparency data of Entso-G.
Data integration
All data is available in standardized data formats via Excel datafeed or accessed via API service. Intraday data, end-of-day price quotes and gas fundaments.
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