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ganexo gas analysis offers detailed access to the European gas markets and strategic advice. Benefit from a wide range of products, which allow to do detailed benchmarking and portfolio evaluation.

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Price curves
Price curves at monthly or daily granulation for all European hubs. Get market information as End-of-Day- or Intraday-data. Trade spreads generated from the ganexo assessments.
Optimise your portfolio with Short- and Medium-Term Forecasts. Get recommendations to make better informed procurement decisions.
Simplify data sourcing of transparency data. We provide one unique access to fundamentals for LNG, Pipelines, Temperature, Maintenances, Storage and demand
Technical Analysis
We provide technical analysis charts and advisory reports to track the major technical boundaries and strength signals in the market.
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ganexo is a highly professional service provider for gas market analysis solutions and consultancy. Rooted in Berlin and focused on the European market.

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